Letters to the Editor: ‘MEPs’ trough remains same as the EU shrinks by 15pc’


Letters to the Editor: ‘MEPs’ trough remains same as the EU shrinks by 15pc’

'It appears the trough does not reduce in size as one might reasonably expect with close to 15pc of the population leaving.' Stock image: PA Wire/PA Images
‘It appears the trough does not reduce in size as one might reasonably expect with close to 15pc of the population leaving.’ Stock image: PA Wire/PA Images

Can some wise person explain to me why, with 65 million people leaving the EU, the number of MEPs apparently remains the same?

It appears the trough does not reduce in size as one might reasonably expect with close to 15pc of the population leaving and presumably the Budget contribution reducing commensurately?

Brian Murphy

Carrickmines Wood, Dublin 18


Labour Party has to explain why it failed to take action

In her interesting article on false self-employment (Irish Independent, April 9), Minister Regina Doherty neglected to mention that in 2013 then social protection minister Joan Burton published the third report of the Advisory Group on Tax and Social Welfare on  the issue of extending social coverage for the self-employed.

This examined in detail the issue of the self-employment contracts which are now being referred to as “bogus or false self-employment” but which the report referred to as “disguised” self-employment.

It recommended the Department of Social Protection and the Revenue Commissioners should mitigate against the risk of misclassification of employees as self- employed by ensuring greater compliance with the code of practice for determining employment or self-employment status.

Clearly Labour’s Ms Burton and former minister for employment Ged Nash failed to ensure the report’s recommendations were followed. If, as the Labour Party has been alleging, there is any illegality or fraud attached to the operation of these contracts, Burton, Nash and the Labour Party need to explain their failure to take action.

Gearóid Ó Dubháin

Mount Oval village, Rochestown, Co Cork


Brexit extension’s no joke but you still have to laugh…

I rang Theresa May but I could not get through. I did not have the right extension.

John Williams

Clonmel, Co Tipperary


Off with their roof! Harsh lesson from 13th century

As politicians appear to be spending more time posing for photos than coming to an agreement over Brexit, perhaps it is time to follow the example set during the papal election of 1268-71. When the cardinals could not come to a decision, they were locked into their palace, the roof was removed and their rations reduced to bread and water.

Eve Parnell

Dublin 8


Dublin’s gains come at heavy price for rest of the country

Government has turned the political washing machine on to whitewash and spin overdrive cycle as the report into the Children’s Hospital is published today.

‘Reprofiling’, ‘systems failure’, ‘trend analysis’ and other such gobbledygook will be trotted out to explain how €450m was missed in initial estimates of the actual costs of development. There will be less in the report about the €2bn-plus required to complete the project!

As 650 patients (a new national record) are left lying on trolleys in national hospitals in what is generally a low seasonal trolley count period, they can muse on the latest direction from the HSE to hospitals to initiate an employee recruitment freeze.

The €100m more required to plug the Children’s Hospital deficit this year and to be levied for subsequent years will see many regional hospital projects and services delayed significantly or scrapped completely – the University Hospital Waterford cath lab, despite assurances, may well be one such casualty.

 What are the people to make of a Government which has allowed reckless abandon in capital and associated spending in Dublin at the expense of the wider national population? We now not only have a two-tier health service, but a Government-mandated two-tier economy also.

Fine Gael seems determined to soon take over the mantle from Fianna Fáil of wrecking the country but for a second time. This will, it appears, be completed with significant support from large aligned interests among the electorate.

Matt Shanahan

Cardiac Campaign Group (South East)


Why is every retired rugby player always called legend? 

I note once again you claim a rugby player to be a legend. It appears any time a player retires, he/she is immediately labelled as a legend. Why is this? 

This time it was Gordon D’Arcy. He’s not long retired but you still claim him to be a legend… It seems only rugby players achieve this status in your eyes.

Tom Kelly

Newbridge, Co Kildare

Irish Independent


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